Weed puller apparatus


Abstract of the Disclosure This invention is a weed puller apparatus connectable to the rear or front portions of a tractor and can be used jointly with a cultivator to loosen the soil. The weed puller apparatus includes 1) a main support means selectively connected to the rear or front of the tractor; 2) a weed pulling means connected to the main support means; and 3) a power and control means operably associated with the power supply of the tractor and connected to the weed pulling means to drive same. The weed pulling means includes cooperating pairs of contacting weed pulling assemblies, some are driven by the power means and others are driven by frictional contact between adjacent ones. Each weed pulling assembly includes 1) a pair of adjacent and axially aligned wheel members; 2) support shaft assembly to rotatably support the respective pairs of wheel members; 3) a support arm assembly to connect each support shaft assembly to the main support means; and 4) a guard and alignment assembly mounted about each support shaft assembly. Each guard and alignment assembly includes a cylindrical guard member to keep weeds from winding about the support shaft, assembly and flexible spike member to contact and straighten weeds for subsequent pulling thereof. Every other pair of the weed pulling assemblies are rotating in opposite and upward directions whereby the adjacent wheel members cooperate to grasp and pull weed members upwardly therebetween. The invention includes a crop level sensing control means to automatically maintain the weed pulling apparatus above the crop level to only extract the weed members.




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