Seal adaptor alignment means and landing tool and method

Raccord d'alignement etanche, et outil et methode de pose


Abstract of Disclosure An adaptor means for aligning two members to be connected in coaxial, sealed relationship in which the adaptor means includes an adaptor body member having an inner central portion with a throughbore and of preselected length, at least two-part cylindrica or arcuate segments spaced radially outwardly of said inner portion and in concentric relation thereto, said arcuate segments having a length greater than the length of the inner portion; and tubular nipple members carried in passageways in said body member, said tubular members having a length not greater than the length of the inner portion or the segments and lying on a radian between a segment and the inner portion. The arcuate segments each subtend a different angle and are slidably, precisely received in corresponding arcuate recesses provided on a mandrel end of a well tool for precise alignment of the tubular nipple member with a passageway in the well tool. A landing tool and landing technique for locating a tubing hanger in a wellhead assembly in a precise position whereby said seal adaptor means may be properly aligned and mated with said tubing hanger. A landing tool and landing technique in which a tubing hanger is supported above its landed position while being angularly oriented, and when once oriented is lowered into landed position without turning or loss of such angular orientation.




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