Methode pour greffer du silane sur des polymeres thermoplastiques

Method for grafting silane to thermoplastic polymers


Abstract of the Disclosure It is known to graft silane compounds to polymers during an ex-trusion process, in the presence of peroxides. In the known process there tends to be a non-homogenous mixture of the silane compound, the polymer, and the peroxide in the extruder barrel. As extrusion is a relatively high temperature process from about 180°C to 220°C there results localized cross-linking of the polymer and consequently the formation of a gel in the extruded product. The presence of a gel in the product tends to cause a rough surface making the product unsuitable for some applications such as electrical in-sulation. The present invention overcomes this drawback by providing in a method for cross-linking thermoplastic or elastomeric material wherein cross-linking is preceded by grafting of silane and is carried out in the presence of moistures, the combination of steps comprising: providing the thermo-plastic or elastomeric material as dry, fluid powder; agitating the powder to obtain fluidization thereof and raising the temperature by operation of the agitating; adding a silane compound to the material prior to completion of the agitation, the silane compound being of the variety that permits grafting on the molecules of said powder; providing for a temperature below the cry-stalite melting range so that the silane or silane compound as agitated to-gether with the said material fluid is caused to diffuse into the fluid particles and providing for grafting of the silane or silane compound mole-cules to the molecules of the thermoplastic or elastomeric material.




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