Pellicule composite extensible, et composition de formage des pellicules

Extensible composite film and film-forming composition


ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE Disclosed is an extensible composite laminar film useful for packaging which includes a first layer of elastomeric polymeric composition and one or more extensible sealable layers of polymeric composition including an interpolymer of ethylene and alkonoic acid or ionomaric salt thereof. In an embodiment the film has a tensile secant modulus of from about 1,000 to about 30,000 and preferably from about 1,000 to about 14,950 pounds per square inch. The film is prepared advantageously by hot blown coextrusion. When stretch wrapped about a variety of products the film typically exhibits a high degree of elastic recovery. Also disclosed is an elastomeric film-forming com-position including an ethylene-vinyl acetate interpolymer and an ethylene-propylene interpolymer desirably having a density of not more than 0.92. The first layer of the film may effectively be prepared from the composition.




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