Appareil servant a remplir un moule d'une quantite determinee du materiau de coulee

Method and apparatus for pouring a mold with a selectable amount of casting material


ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE The amount of liquid metal casting material poured into a mold from a receptacle located above the mold from pouring means in the bottom of the receptacle is controlled by continuously sensing the pressure head of the liquid metal casting material in the receptacle during pouring or the mold, numerically integrating to a constant value the product of the multiplication of a function of the pressure head and time, and controlling the pouring means to terminate the pouring of the mold when a predetermined set value is attained. Electronic control circuitry receives as an input signal a signal representing the pressure head of the liquid casting material within the receptacle and a control function is effected by the electronic control means to stop pouring when a selected predetermined amount of material has been introduced into a mold. The quantity of casting material poured into a filled mold is sensed and a feedback signal is provided to adjust the control function when the amount of casting material in the filled mold is found to deviate from a desired amount. The electronic control circuitry includes manual presetting means whereby such adjustment may be effected. Furthermore, since the pouring mechanism in the bottom of the receptacle may be subject to variations which could change the pouring characteristics, the electronic control circuitry may be equipped with a mechanism to sense such variations in the rate of flow of the pouring device and adjust for changes. This adjustment mechanism may include a device for sensing differences in the pouring rate, and a device having programmed thereinto a given value, with a comparison between the rate actually sensed and the programmed value operating to determine the difference therebetween whereby adjustments of the pouring rate may be effected.




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