Lubrication system for reciprocating plunger compressors

Systeme de lubrification de compresseurs a pistons


IMPROVED LUBRICATION SYSTEM FOR RECIPROCATING PLUNGER COMPRESSORS ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE An improved lubrication system is pro-vided for the cylinder of a reciprocatory plunger rod compressor, having a stationary annular seal assembly around said plunger rod. The key feature of this system resides in the incorporation of check valves in lubricant supply passages located internally within the seal assembly surrounding the plunger rod. Preferably, said check valves are located within suitable recesses bored into the rear face of an interior packing cup element of said seal assembly. The use of such internal lubricant check valves protects the lubricator quills, fittings, and other components of the lubrication system against fatigue failures and lengthens the continuous on-line operating life of the entire lubrication system. -i-




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