Traitement antitaches pour survetements

Outerwear fabric treatment


ABSTRACT It is known to treat material so it becomes resistant to staining. However, the treatments presently known have a limited resistance to staining and limited life span. The present invention seeks to overcome this drawback by providing a novel fabric treatment compound which is a solvent-soluble fluoroaliphatic radical-containing carbodiimide consisting essentially of from 1 to a plurality of carbo-diimide groups, terminal organic radicals free from isocyanante-reactive hydrogen atoms and connected to carbodiimide and, when two or more carbodiimide groups are present, polyvalent organic linking groups free from isocyanate-reactive hydrogen atoms linking successive carbodiimides; at least a portion of said terminal organic radicals or organic linking groups including fluorosliphatic groups of 3 to 20 carbon atoms in a amounts such that said carbodiimide as a whole including form 15 to 45% by weight of carbon-bonded fluorine and said carbodiimide as a whole exclusive of fluoroaliphatic radicals containing at least 12% by weight of carbodiimide groups




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