Vibrateur pour massage

Reciprocating vibrator for skin massage


TITLE OF THE INVENTION: RECIPROCATING VIBRATOR FOR SKIN MASSAGE ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE: A beauty treatment device comprising a device body having a cylindrical or pistol-grip type handle and a space guide on its one end; a drive unit mounted in the device body and consisting of an electric motor, a reduction gear assembly and a rotating shaft; and energy accumulating means consisting of one or more springs and other members for accumulating energy delivered by the drive unit; an energy releasing means for releasing the accumulated energy by rotation of a rotating disc with rollers which is mounted on the rotating shaft; an actuat-ing member driven by the energy accumulating means and the energy releasing means; and a plate member which has a T-shaped longitudinal section and is mounted on the actuating member, wherein the plate member which is maintained the range of its movement by the space guide and protruded from the end face of the space guide is constructed so as to lightly tap the skin covered by the end face of the space guide.




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