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BRAIDING MACHINE Abstract of the Disclosure A braiding machine for braiding a plurality of strands includes a tubular member which has a first rotatable table, a stationary sun gear and a second rotatable table mounted thereon. The first table is rotated in a first direction and includes a circular array of rotatable shafts mounted thereon. Each of the shafts is parallel with the tubular member and has a planetary gear mounted on an intermediate portion thereof which is aligned with and engages the sun gear to cause rotation of the shaft as the first table rotates. A drive gear is fixedly mounted on a first end of each shaft in engagement with an encircled gear on the second table to cause the second table to rotate about the tubular member in an opposite direction from the first direction. The first table includes a circular array of outer strand supply bobbins corresponding with the array of shafts. A circular track is mounted on the first table between the circular array of outer strand supply bobbins and the area of braiding and is segmented by there being included a slot at each of the outer strand supply bobbins. Each slot enables an aligned strand guide arm which is pivotally mounted on the first table and connected by a crank and linkage arrangement to a second end of its corresponding shaft to be oscillated thereby to direct the outer strand inwardly and outwardly of the circular track. Each of a plurality of inner strand supply bobbins is mounted on the circular track for movement therealong in the opposite direction by an associated pair of alternating drive dogs mounted on the second table and adapted to prevent contact with the outer strands when they are inwardly of the circular track and corresponding inner strand supply bobbin.




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