Methode et appareil pour l'application de gouttelettes magnetiques sur une surface d'enregistrement

Method and apparatus for applying magnetic liquid droplets to a recording surface


METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR APPLYING MAGNETIC LIQUID DROPLETS TO A RECORDING SURFACE Abstract of the disclosure A stream of magnetic ink droplets is directed towards a recording surface and initially passes through a selector, which selects the droplets for application to the recording surface to form characters thereon. Each of the selected droplets passes through first and second magnetic deflec-tors in which each of the selected droplets is deflected in directions orthogonal to each other and orthogonal to the direction in which the droplets are moving toward the re-cording surface. Each of the selected droplets is sub-jected to a magnetic field gradient varying with respect to time during the passage of the droplet through one or both of the magnetic fields depending on the desired position of the droplet on the recording surface relative to the prior droplet.




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