Bande de papier impregne pour la detection du sang occulte dans les excreta

Test strip for the detection of occult blood in excreta


A TEST STRIP FOR THE DETECTION OF OCCULT BLOOD IN EXCRETA ABSTRACT A test strip for detecting the presence of occult blood in excreta such as urine or feces or body fluid, which strip compri-ses a bibulous or porous material impregnated with a chromogen, a hydroperoxide and, as a sensitizer, a thiazole compound of the formula: wherein R1 is a lower alkyl; a substituted or unsubstituted aral-kenyl, or a substituted or unsubstituted aralkyl; R2 and R3 are each a hydrogen or a lower alkyl; and R2 and R3, when taken together with the adjacent carbon atoms, may form a benzene ring.




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