Apparatus and process for splitting minerals using a frame cutter

Appareil et methode pour separer les matieres minerales au moyen d'une lance a oxygene


ABSTRACT Process and device for thermochemically drilling and separating SiO2 containing minerals by using such chemical compounds as fluxes in the combustion, which from in the melt silicates of low temperature melting range, primarily alkali metal silicates, the fluxes, mixed with catalysts and with metal powder serving as fuel, being passed through an oxygen lance or a core lance containing bundles of wires and ducts for passage of oxygen and flux at a high rate of speed, ignition being done semi-automa-tically or fully automatically. The use of the process and device according to the invention result in an increas-ed effectiveness of the drilling and separation of the SiO2 containing minerals as compared to known thermochem-ical processes.




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