Methode d'exploitation des sables bitumineux

Method of recovery of tar sands material


METHOD OF RECOVERY OF TAR SANDS MATERIAL Abstract of the Disclosure A method of recovery of tar sands material from a subterranean layer of such material underlying an overburden comprises floating a surface rig on an artificial lake and sinking a mining string from the rig down through the over-burden and into the material. A jet of water is projected from the string into the material to soften and erode it whereby to form a cavity and generate a slurry of the material and the water. The slurry is forced to the surface for recovery of the material, including separating bituminous components from the material to yield sand tailings. These tailings are then discharged into the lake to form a surface layer and/or to form dikes for assisting in retaining water on the overburden. By this procedure the tailings effectively add to the overburden to compensate for the subsidence of the overburden caused by removal of the material of the subterranean layer.




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