Procede et appareil pour le coupage d'un faisceau de tubes contenant des matieres fissibles

Method and device for cutting a bundle of tubes containing nuclear fuels


A B S T R A C T The invention relates to a method and device for cutting a bundle of tubes containing a nuclear fuel into pieces having a preset length so that the fuel can be dissolved in a suitable solution. The bundle of tubes is introduced into a guide tube in a sheering machine and is clamped by two side clamps within the tube so as to limit the width of the bundle to the diameter of one tube of the bundle. The side clamps subject the bundle to a sideways thrust so that the tubes in the bundle are maintained contiguous without any excessive curvature. The bundle of tubes is then submitted to a cutting operation at right angles to its major dimension and after the blade has been returned to its i.operative position a safety plate is positioned near the cut section at a distance slightly greater than the forward movement of the bundle between two seccessive cutting operations. The side clamps are then withdrawn by a limited amount so that the resilience of the tubes causes them to remain in contact with the clamps. The bundle of tubes is then pushed forwardly after which the bundle is again clamped by the two side clamps prior to the next cutting operation.




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